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    Team USA Basketball 2012/NBA Un-American?


    by Main_Event_TV

    David Stern proposes age limitations to USA Basketball, many, including myself are upset at the thought process and elitism that has happened with Basketball and the Olympics. To push an organizations profile, instead of playing for your country is about as Un-American as it gets. Why hasn't the media covered this? Why aren't American's upset at this issue?

    We can get upset over where the Olympians clothes are made, but not the fair treatment amongst American's when going for the gold? Why aren't the handicapped playing Basketball for the gold, given the same treatment in tryouts? There aren't special invitations for their category. They have to work hard for years just like every other Olympian... except NBA players. I'm just tired of seeing "exceptions" being made for stars, when this is not about them, this is bigger than them. You have a league for that already...