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    Stunning Feather Art

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out this incredible feather art.

    Beautiful works of art can be created by using natural items we see on a daily basis. One artist, Chris Maynard is using feathers to create stunning masterpieces.

    One of his works shows three red-tail Black Cockatoo male tail feathers residing next to one another. There is one cutout in the middle of each feather.

    In the first two feathers, and intricately cut Cockatoo resides in the cut outs, derived from the feather remnants. The third feather’s cutout is empty and a flying Cockatoo is pictured several inches above the feather.

    Another piece shows a great Argus wing feather. The spine of the feather is intact, but eight small birds are cut out, perched together and looking in varying directions. Their bodies were cut from the actual feather.

    Maynard states “By highlighting aspects of a feather’s form, pattern or color, I hope to convey some intimate sense of the bird that grew the feathers. My favorite tools are the fine eye surgery tools inherited from my father. I put on big nerdy magnifying glasses to see the details.”