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    Piranhas Have Most Powerful Bite Among Fish Species


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    Piranhas have the most powerful bite among various fish species.

    The most powerful bite of any fish relative to its size belongs to the black piranhas that live in the Amazon River.

    Piranhas are pretty small, but they are known for attacking fish and other animals that are much larger than them.

    The force and strength of their bite had never been quantified before but a new study confirms that their bites have a force of over 30 times their own body weight, making their bite more powerful than any other animal when compared to their small size.

    Great white sharks, hyenas, and alligators have more strength behind their bite, but when compared to the size of the rest of their body, it is not as impressive as the bite of the piranha.

    Researchers from the George Washington University focusing on the evolutionary morphology of the piranhas jaw structure caught black piranhas from the Amazon River in Brazil and measured the force of their bites.

    George Washington University’s press office reported that “The powerful bite is achieved primarily due to the large muscle mass of the black piranha’s jaw and the efficient transmission of its large contractile forces through a highly modified jaw-closing lever.”