Doctor Says Human Cloning Possible in 50 Years

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A doctor says human cloning will be possible in 50 years.

The doctor who pioneered research into cloning animals back in the 1950s and 60s with his work, cloning frogs, has said that human cloning could be possible in the next 50 years.

Gordon told the Daily Telegraph “I take the view that anything you can do to relieve suffering or improve human health will usually be widely accepted by the public – that is to say if cloning actually turned out to be solving some problems and was useful to people, I think it would be accepted."

Sir John Gordon’s research on cloning frogs later led to the creation of the first cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly in 1996 at the Roslin Institue of Scotland.

The controversy over cloning raises ethical questions about scientific practices going too far, and the safety concerns about the susceptibility of cloned animals to disease or other possible unknown consequences of the radical medical procedure.

In-vitro fertilization or the process of making test tube babies was controversial when they it was first being experimented with, and now it is an accepted medical practice for infertile parents.

What do you think? Will human beings be cloned in the next fifty years?