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    Mountain Range on Hawaiian Island Dissolving

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A mountain range on Hawaiian Island is dissolving, according to researchers.

    According to a study from Brigham Young University, a mountain range on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is slowly dissolving due to groundwater removing mass from within the mountain.

    The researchers say Oahu will eventually become flat like Midway Island.

    This prediction is a long time away yet, as the island of Oahu, home to the capital city of Honolulu is actually increasing in elevation as the plate tectonics are slowly being pushed northwest.

    This growth should last for 1 and a half million years before the island begins to see the effects of the dissolving groundwater that carries away rocks and minerals from within the mountains themselves.

    Other research on the erosion and geological changes in the Hawaiian Islands says that some 70 percent of the beaches on all of the islands have been eroding at an alarming rate over the past one hundred years.

    Lead author of the study, Doctor Charles Fletcher from the University of Hawai’i Geology and Geophysics department said: "Over a century of building along the Hawaiian shoreline… has led to some development that is located too close to the ocean. A better understanding of historical shoreline change and human responses to erosion may improve our ability to avoid erosion hazards in the future."