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    Mobile Home Opens Up to Reveal Living Space

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out a cool new mobile trailer.

    A New Zealand based company, W2 limited has launched a new mobile, towable home dubbed the ‘Romotow’.

    The contemporary style mobile home utilizes an automated swivel, allowing the living area to extend outward from the exterior to reveal much more floor space.

    The designers behind the mobile unit state “The Romotow will come in a range of sizes and aesthetic features, including a sheltered decking platform providing 70% more floor area, multiple berths, kitchenette, bathroom, large windows for air flow, shade and privacy.”

    The lightweight and aerodynamic design allow for better fuel efficiency and towing stability. The Romotow also has a rear mounted camera which helps drivers while parking in tight spots.

    One position depicts the home attached to a vehicle, entirely closed, resembling a modern day mobile home.

    The other position shows the Romotow in ‘open mode’, where it is extended towards to the side, revealing a large outdoor living space, which resides in the same space that the unit took up before being extended.