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    Derriére Blanche


    by TheKidsTable

    9 650 views
    Finally, the answer to all your anal bleach needs.

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    Produced by The Kids Table
    Spokeswoman - Shashona Brooks
    Real Woman 1 - Emily Krakowsky
    Real Woman 2 - Marley Lieberman
    Husband - Guy Zachary Gardner

    Director - Marvin Bryan Lemus
    Writer - Emily Krakowsky
    DOP - Erik Schnieder
    Production Designer - Terra Espinosa
    Gaffer - Alex Owen
    1st AC - Nick Lanata
    Sound Mixer - Sam Nunez
    Make-up & Hair - Taryn Borst
    Animation - Vincent Leraci

    The Kids Table is:
    Amy Goodman
    Emily Krakowsky
    Igor Hiller
    Marley Lieberman
    Marvin Bryan Lemus