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    The Great Debaters 2007 JPN Trailer Denzel Washington


    MorinoMashio より

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    The 21st century when an American black person began to make their history should come.
    This movie is that symbol.
    They in the 20th century in whom I lived did now which fought with discrimination, in order to tell their existence proof to the world.
    The 21st century will come and it was begun to make the tale told to their children.
    History is literature.
    They are not also science or physics.
    Scientific compatibility is not in history.
    Because it is literature.
    However, it is a soul important for the race.
    The 21st century will come it and American black persons will begin to make their history.
    I support this.
    About the problem which was not able to solve even the Civil War in 1861, they will be the 21st century, and it was begun at last to make the clue to solution.
    In order to tell children the praise to their ancestor who is not the anger to an oppression person and fought in history.

    Directed by Denzel Washington
    Produced by
    Oprah Winfrey
    Joe Roth
    Todd Black
    Bob Weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein
    Written by
    Jeffrey Porro
    Robert Eisele
    Denzel Washington
    Forest Whitaker
    Nate Parker
    Jurnee Smollett
    Denzel Whitaker
    Music by James Newton Howard
    Cinematography Philippe Rousselot
    Editing by Hughes Winborne