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    Research Description - Mark Abney and Associates

    Elisha Button

    by Elisha Button


    My research focuses on problems in statistical and computational genetics. In general, my interests are in developing both new mathematical methods and computational techniques to overcome complex problems in the analysis of genetic data. I believe that by providing improved methods to researchers that make more efficient use of data as well as integrate a wider range of information, I will have a positive impact on the scientific insights and conclusions that are drawn. I have recently been concentrating my research in the area of complex trait mapping, with application to the analysis of quantitative traits in the Hutterites. The size and complexity of the Hutterite pedigree (13 generations, 1,623 individuals) make most standard analyses intractable, unless drastic simplifications of the genealogy are undertaken. Instead, Drs. Mary Sara McPeek, Carole Ober and I have developed methods for linkage and linkage disequilibrium mapping within the variance component framework that makes full use of the pedigree information (Abney et al 2000, 2002). Further work with Dr. McPeek includes implementation of a novel permutation-based test of significance.