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    Black Ops Zombie Mods God Mode Unlimited Ammo USB Hack [Ps3,Xbox360,Pc]


    by blackopsaccounthac

    Free Donwload:
    Installing on PC:
    1. Download and unrare hack.
    2. Put it into CoDBO folder.
    3. After running the game back to the folder and run hack.
    4. Back to game.
    5. Hack should be ready.

    Installing for console:
    1. You need an USB. (Only 2 MB need.)
    2. Download and unrare this hack (Mirrors)
    3. Make a new folder called CBO
    4. Inside the CBO folder you just made, make a new folder called "CallofDutyBlackOps"
    5. Copy this hack into "CallofDutyBlackOps" folder.
    6. When it is finished copying from your computer put your USB device into your console.
    7. On your console go to theme settings.
    8. The list of options will come up. Go to install.
    9. Select your USB device and select the theme you want to install.
    10. Wait a while and it should install.