Venomous Snakes Hatch From Eggs Kept By Toddler

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A toddler had kept eggs which hatched into venomous snakes.

A three-year-old from north Queensland was lucky to have survived after stashing away several snake eggs.

Kyle Cumming had discovered the eggs in his backyard and he decided to keep them. He placed them in a container and stashed the eggs in his closet.

A few weeks later, Kyle’s mother found that the container had become home to several wriggling snakes. Those baby snakes turned out to be eastern brown snakes, known as one of the most venomous snakes on Earth.

A local snake expert stated “Brown snakes are highly venomous and a baby brown could potentially kill or at least seriously harm a human being - adult or child.” The mother reportedly brought the snakes to a wildlife sanctuary, where officials released them.

Earlier this year, a 17-year-old boy in Australia walked into a hospital's emergency ward with a bite on his finger from an inland taipan. This particular breed of snake is often called the "fierce snake" because its venom is extremely toxic - one drop can reportedly kill 100 people.

Amazingly, the teenager survived the ordeal due to the quick anti-venom treatment.