World's Oldest and Deepest Stepwell

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See the Chand Baori or stepwell in India.

Visiting Rajasthan, India is like stepping back in time. Besides the stunning palaces and forts,

you also have gorgeous landmarks like Chand Baori. It is known as the oldest step well in the area and it is classified as one of the biggest in the entire world.

Step wells are built with steps on the sides to allow people to easily reach the water below.

Chand Baori is shaped similar to a square, measuring 13 stories and it is roughly 100 feet deep.

The landmark has been featured in many movies as well.

The stair groupings look like an abundance of small pyramids.

The well serves as an intricate, artistic and geometric structure, but it is no longer in use.

The inner walls of the well contain a total of 3,500 steps, which are perfectly lined. Three walls of the structure contain the steps, while the fourth is home to several pavilions built on top of one another.

Chand Baori was built during the 8th and 9th century by King Chanda, making it 1000 years old.