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    Woman Calls Police Due to Stalking Pigeon

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    A woman tells police that a pigeon is stalking her.

    What do you think of pigeons? They love to hang out at the tourist spots and are generally harmless.

    Not so for a woman from west Germany, who complained to the police that a pigeon was stalking her.

    For three weeks, the bird consistently hung around the woman’s home. The pigeon would stay near her garden or terrace and every time the door to her home would open, the bird would fly right in.

    The woman stated that the bird would “leave traces that no good housewife would want in her home”.

    Although police were unable to help, officer recommended the woman to take assistance from animal authorities. Eventually after multiple attempts, she was able to get rid of the pigeon on her own.

    Earlier this year, another woman called 911 to report a scary duck incident. An elderly Sarasota resident, Ingrid Cardozo was enjoying a relaxing day at Arlington Park when she was attacked by a male duck.

    On her 911 call, she states "I was attacked by a duck! I am bleeding like a stuck pig on both of my legs". The Muscovy duck had approached Cardozo and repeatedly scratched her.