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    Unlicensed Dentist Had Clinic Set in His Bathroom

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    by Geo Beats

    An unlicensed dentist had a clinic et up in his bathroom.

    A man in Moorpark, California who had a dental care clinic running out of his apartment has been arrested for practicing dentistry without a license.

    40 year old William Escobar’s bathroom was converted into a makeshift dental clinic, where he had a dentist’s chair, anesthetics, false teeth and other dentist related equipment.

    Authorities have found evidence that Escobar treated several people for dental problems. They were alerted when one of his patients contacted them about Escobar threatening him for not paying his bill.

    Escobar is facing felony charges for practicing dentistry without a license and misdemeanor charges for the possession of needles and for furnishing dangerous drugs to his patients.

    Another man in Sparks, Nevada was accused of practicing medicine without a license, and pled guilty to the felony charges.
    He was arrested for performing illegal cosmetic surgery at several homes. The man claims that he was a licensed medical doctor in Mexico, and has been accused of doing cosmetic surgery on illegal immigrants in the United States who wanted stomach staples, nose jobs or other cosmetic operations.

    Why do you think people seek medical care from unlicensed practitioners?