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    Woman Plans to Marry Twin Sister's Convicted Murderer

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    A woman plans to marry her twin sister's murderer.

    Besides the obvious factors, there are all kinds of unusual reasons why people marry someone.

    A 22-year-old Argentine woman, named Edith has accepted a marriage proposal from a man who was convicted of murdering her twin sister. The male had previously been in a relationship with Edith’s sister who was a model.

    Edith insists that her would be spouse was wrongly convicted and they plan on getting married at the prison. The inmate states that he is ‘in love with Edith’, while the relationship with her twin sister was of a ‘casual’ nature.

    The women’s mother calls Edith ‘psychologically ill’, while her father wants no further contact with his daughter.

    It’s a tough scenario to imagine, but even convicted murderers do attract women. There are many websites that connect inmates to potential long-term spouses. Scott Peterson, the man convicted of killing his wife and unborn child has received several marriage proposals and countless letters from adoring women, even though he is currently on death row.