Egyptians Await Constitution Vote Results

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Egypt is awaiting the results of the constitutional referendum, though early results suggest that it will pass.
Egyptians are awaiting the official results of its constitutional referendum vote, and while initial results suggest that it has won approval, citizens remain divided on the issue.

Unofficial early results from Saturday showed an approval by some 63 percent of voters, and official results are expected to be announced Monday. Turnout for the vote was low, estimated around 30%.

Many Egyptians are hoping the new constitution will bring stability to a country that has been rocked with near two years of turmoil.

One supporter of the constitution suggested that the referendum would end Egypt's problems.

[Constitution Supporter]:
"There was no cheating in the referendum, there was weak support for President Mohamed Mursi. Now the constitution has been passed, those opponents lack evidence. After the referendum, there won't be any problems and Egypt will embark on a new path. We are confident in the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood."

However, there is still vocal opposition, with violent demonstrations being held in previous weeks in Alexandria and other provinces around Egypt. Many voices disapprove of the constitution because it was mainly written by Islamists, and suggest it will just lead to more problems down the road.

The electoral commission is expected to investigate opposition allegations of voting fraud before announcing official results.

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