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    Hotel Bridge Concept Over Colorado River

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    See Michael Jantzen's proposal for a hotel bridge over the Colorado River.

    Architect Michael Jantzen is proposing a structure, which would reside over the Colorado River. The contemporary structure, in the form of a large bridge, aims to serve as a luxury hotel.

    Jantzen states “The ideal location for this hotel is where the river gorge is relatively narrow at the top. The structure would span the narrow gorge in the shape of a giant arch which contains all of the hotels facilities. “

    The hotel would contain at least 100 rooms along with additional suites. There would also be a gym, bar, restaurant, spa, indoor pool and even a retail store.

    There would also be two capsules which could bring visitors from the hotel to the river gorge below. Utilizing power from a water-activated turbine, the river would cater to the hotel’s electrical needs. Wind turbines and solar cells would also be used as a source of energy.

    Jantzen says “The design exploits in great detail, the wonders of a specific site on the river without disturbing it in any diverse way.”

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