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    Up, Close and Personal With Giraffes At This Hotel

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    A boutique hotel offers interaction with giraffes.

    Visiting one of the Safaris in Africa is said to be among the greatest traveling experiences.

    Taking that one step further, a hotel in Kenya even allows visitors to experience the animals up close and personal.

    The luxury, boutique hotel, called Giraffe Manor is set on 12 acres of private land and it is surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest. It was built in the 1930s.

    However it is most famous for the herd of Rothschild Giraffes that reside and surround the grounds. Hotel officials state “With its two storey entrance hall, majestic staircase and immaculately furnished interiors, Giraffe Manor offers guests the unique chance to interact with the rare Rothschild Giraffe.”

    The large animals can be seen directly outside the hotel, poking their heads in the upper windows of the building. You might even see a giraffe sticking its head through a kitchen window, admiring the food.

    They are also known to interact with guests and staff members.

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