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    France is beautiful… Néchin is moche !


    par leserval2

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    France is a wonderful country, with nice people, lot of talents, beautiful places and incredible "art de vivre". In 2013, we have to be proud to live here, with all our differences, our "je ne sais quoi", our " sacré coup de fourchette", our "bonnes bouteilles", our "beautiful girls" (even if they do the "gueule",sometimes), our "ohlala", our courage, our "joie de vivre" (parisian taxi drivers have to do some efforts), our humor… and our french devise : liberty, equality, fraternity ( and we don't care about the "tristes sires" that they have "rien à foutre" of fraternity and prefer to escape in a sad small village near french border. "Vive la France !" as we say in France.