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    Rock Band 3: Event Performs Stone Temple Pilots -- Plush/Expert 96% (Vocals/Cold Run)


    by Main_Event_TV

    Fair warning, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!

    No practicing, no cheating, haven't played this game in about 8 months and diving right into Expert difficulty. The thing with Rock Band is that it doesn't give you any leg-room when it comes to your own style. It's either you emulate the voice, or you're screwed. Also, problems with latency in voice as it sounds like I'm late singing the song. I am not playing this for score or leaderboards, just for fun/laughs, but I'm sure at the end you'll see what my previous score was as opposed to my current cold run.

    I HATE my characters hair, as I'm thinking of putting a Mohawk on him. Problem is, they only have really long Mohawks. I'm sure hairstyles and clothes will change as I play and I plan on playing this as a cold run only, no warm-ups or practicing.

    Tech issues involve my voice sounding like I'm in a tunnel/echo. I'm shocked, because on my screen the lyrics are ghosting/blurry, but on the recording it's fine. I'm using the mic from Rock Band 1, so there are some distortion issues throughout the game. Especially at 4:33 to 4:56, because there's no way my voice sounds like that, especially with the scores I've put up in the past. Even when I'm playing, I'm throwing my hands up in the air like WTF happened? At 2:45 I went up in pitch, instead of steady, which is what I mean about not being able to use your own style. Anyways, enjoy the train wreck.