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    AQWorlds Frostvale Saga: The World Ender's End! (Climax Version)

    Ferozakh AE

    by Ferozakh AE

    Kezeroth, also known as the World Ender, has once failed to hit the Quetzal Comet with his beam 26000 years ago. Elim sacrificed his life to protect Lore when a ChronoCorruptor offered him a chance to re-complete his mission by imprisoning himself in an iceberg for another 26000 years.

    After his slumber, he finally succeeded in acquiring the Beast Quetzal. Athon lost all hope seeing this, but the hero have him much more reason to regain his hope in defeating Kezeroth. After witnessing Quetzal's death over the owner, Kezeroth, the hero and his team rages into the final battle against Kezeroth. And he is being imprisoned in ice again. Will Kezeroth revive?

    Soundtracks, background music are NOT owned by me. Except for my AQWorlds account. :P

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