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    New City Law - No Eating While Driving

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A city in South Dakota passes a law to ticket drivers who eat behind the wheel.

    It happens to all of us - being distracted while driving.

    To combat such distractions, Huron, South Dakota has issued a ban on them through its distracted driving law.

    The law will officially go into effect in about a month, but thus far, the movement has gotten national attention. Police officers will be able to ticket drivers who are eating a pizza, burger or any other type of yummy foods.

    The law also includes any other distraction, like putting on makeup that can cause erratic maneuvering. A local official states “It comes down to not trying to control everything, but trying to curb the bad habits.”

    A study from 2009 found that eating while driving is the cause behind 80% of vehicular accidents. 65% of near miss collisions were also said to involve drivers consuming food.

    The study, done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated ‘"Distractions like eating can become a problem for drivers who can't react quickly to a sharp curve,". Soup, tacos, chili dogs and hamburgers were the top culprits. Hot coffee was the worst beverage to drink due to spills caused by bumps.

    What do you think - do you want a distracted driving law in your city?