Indonesian Cops Ordered to Lose Weight

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Indonesian cops are ordered to exercise to lose weight.

There are cops who seem to be on top of their fitness game and then others not so much.

Well police officers in Indonesia are currently being ordered to exercise to shed off those excess pounds. Two times a week, approximately 300 officials in Jakarta meet with a trainer and vigorously work their bodies.

A law enforcement spokesperson claims that the additional pounds are making it difficult for officers to run after the bad guys and ultimately catch them. The police chief bluntly states “The fat and paunchy cops can't expect to catch fleeing criminals.”

Although there are no punishments if the overweight officials don’t lose weight or skip out on training sessions, officers over 220 pounds are encouraged to do shed those extra pounds.

Earlier this year, a police commander in Pakistan took a harsher approach. He ordered 175,000 personnel not to allow their waistlines to exceed 38 inches. The larger cops were told to lose the weight within a specific time frame. Those who could not manage the task were not given field jobs.

According to a spokesperson, roughly 50% of officers in the province of Punjab were overweight.