Artist Creates Light Bulb Headed Sculptures

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A Brooklyn based artist creates sculptures with giant light bulbs for heads.

A Brooklyn based artist, Stephan Shaheen has created remarkable sculptures, described in his words as ‘Headlights.

Human-like bodies are constructed out of a modeling concoction which he created by cotton, denim and recycled paper. There is also an additional and unique component to the sculptures…functioning electrical cords. The heads are giant light bulbs radiating a traditional yellow glow when the cord is plugged in. The artist then takes photos of the scenes he creates.

The sculpted naked bodies are wonderfully detailed, all fingers and toes in place. The stances are also very realistic to human poses.

One of Shaheen’s photos shows three beings all bent over, with their heads together. The electrical cords are intertwined throughout the bodies and plug into the wall, meaning all three heads are lit.

Another example of his work depicts four models in a room. One is posed in a crawling position near an electrical outlet, plugging in his own cord. Another human-like sculpture stands nearby. Its own cord is plugged into the crawling one’s back side.

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