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    Cosmetic Surgery Leads to Bone Fragments in Eyelid

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    by Geo Beats

    A cosmetic surgery leads to bone fragments in eyelid.

    A woman who underwent cosmetic surgery using stem cells was found to have bone fragments in her eyelid.

    The woman had a face lift cosmetic surgery procedure that took some fat from her abdominal area.

    Doctors isolated the stem cells and injected them into her face mostly around her eyes.

    A few months later she was complaining of a severe pain and a clicking sound when she opened her eye.

    The stem cells that she had injected into her face had mutated into bone cells, and were making the sound when they rubbed together.

    It took doctors six and a half hours to operate on the woman’s eye and remove the bone fragments.

    She paid 20 thousand dollars for the stem cell procedure, which is part of growing problem with the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA’s grey areas with products and surgeries that include the use stem cell medical technology for cosmetic purposes.

    Cosmetics do not require approval from the FDA before they are put on the market, but now the FDA has warned Lancôme, a division of L'Oréal, that one of their products is claiming to have genetic benefits which makes it fall under the category of drugs.

    Do you think stem cell implant procedures should be allowed for cosmetic surgery?