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    Man Lives in Guava Tree After Wife Cheats

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    A man decides to live in a guava tree after his wife cheats.

    How far would you go to get an apology from someone?

    One man in Varanasi, India has been living on a guava tree since March of 2012, in an attempt to get an apology from his wife.

    The 25-year-old male reportedly took his wife to Mumbai, but when he returned home early one day he found his spouse with another man.

    The next day, the husband took his wife back home to Varanasi, but she wanted to return to Mumbai and an argument ensued. The wife left to stay with her parents.

    When he couldn’t convince her to come back home, he climbed up a guava tree. He claims he won’t climb down until his wife apologizes and returns home with him.

    His family states “As long as he is safe there, we are happy for him”.

    Earlier this year, another man went a little overboard trying to get his wife back. A 32-year-old Indian man was devastated after his wife left.
    She reportedly couldn't take his verbal abuse, negativity and insults aimed at her any longer. But, then he made a desperate attempt to get her back. He wrote a note to her, claiming it was his tongue that was responsible for verbal abuse and sliced it off.