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    Online Store for Billionaires

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    Check out this online store for billionaires.

    If you consider yourself part of the ultra-rich club or simply want to live vicariously, then check out, which allows an online window into high-end luxury goods.

    One item for sale is the Gulfstream G650.

    Essentially a private jet, the G650 utilizes a Rolls Royce engine, which allows for a quieter ride.

    The price tag - a little over $65.5 million.

    The Royal Huisman ‘Athena Boat’ is another high ticket find. For $95.5 million, the buyer gets one of the largest sailing yachts built since the 1930's, measuring 90 meters long.

    The yacht has a vintage appearance, but it is equipped with modern technology, allowing for speeds up to 19 knots while sailing.

    Then there are of course, the cars, including famous names like Ferrari and Lamborghini. There is also real estate.

    A private island in the Bahamas is listed for more than $85 million. The island comes with a Manor House with spa, gym, infinity pool, salon and the works.

    Anything you fancy out of these?