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    Whale Watching: Learn About Whales with Whale Watching (562) 889-4016

    31 views (562) 889-4016 Keith (Baja) Jones is an avid writer about Baja travel and gray whales. Every winter you will find him in Baja, somewhere near the Gray Whales. As the founder of Baja Jones Adventurers, Jones Adventures, Tigress Tours in Thailand and Butanding Tours in the Philippine Islands, he has led thousands of people to Mexico and other interesting locations around the world.

    Since 1992 Baja Jones has logged over 3000 hours observing the whales of Baja, while sitting in pangas, on the various lagoons and ocean waters of Baja California, Mexico. Keith has also logged more than 100,000 miles driving the Baja Highway #1 and the many side roads along the way. We believe our leader is the most knowledgeable person currently working as a gray whale watching guide in Mexico.

    Baja Jones Adventures
    14812 West Maui Lane
    Surprise, AZ 85379
    Telephone: (562) 889-4016

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