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    Anis yahia IBen Abed Allah

    بواسطة Anis yahia IBen Abed Allah

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    you are a very strong person because you left your country,language,and firends for islam that means if you did't have fun in life your going to have fun at alganaao{heaven}
    بواسطة ammmor168 سنوات
    i'm from yemen a realy feel happy that you became a muslim every body is talking about it iv'e seen this video about 10 times and thank you for portecting islam good forgive you and allah loves u and will show you his heaven
    بواسطة ammmor168 سنوات
    Sont tous givrés...
    بواسطة Hannibal_689 سنوات
    amina is very strong muslim she makes me look bad as muslim born i wish i could think and be like her
    بواسطة ashahashi9 سنوات
    Salam est ce qu'il serait possible d'avoir une version sous-titrée en francais, merci.
    بواسطة halima7779 سنوات
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