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    cold aluminum dross processing or mass hot aluminum dross processing system---tilting rotary furnace

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    This Tilting Rotary Furnace is specially designed to process the cold aluminum dross and hot aluminum dross in mass capacity.(5T/H). The tilting rotary Furnace (TRF) can recovery the molten aluminum from the aluminum dross, to make the aluminum dross re-useful.
    The hot aluminum dross that slagged from the aluminum melting and holding furnace can be directly loaded to the tilting rotary furnace, and the hot dross can be directly processed. Then it can recover the aluminum from the dross, the recovery rate of the aluminum can be at about 90%.

    If you need to process the cold aluminum dross, then there need to be equipped with a set of burner on the tilting rotary furnace. The burner only need to powered-on for the first batch dross. It is very energy saving and high efficiency. There is no need to add the industrial salt during the processing progress.

    After processed by the TRF (Tilting Rotary Furnace), the dross should be loaded to the cold dross barrel (aluminum dross cooling,crushing&screening system) for further processing.

    FOSHAN METECH ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD ( is the professional manufacturer and exporter of the aluminum dross recycling line equipment. For much more detail about the Cold aluminum dross processing system--tilting rotary furnace,please feel free to contact Michael Tan( .