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    SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: End of the World Eruption Scenario(Dec 20th, 2012).

    Skyywatcher88 .

    by Skyywatcher88 .

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    The event in this video is animated and edited as fiction for the end of the world Dec 21st, 2012 scenario. The large flare show on the X-ray Flux chart was fabricated (altered) on Dec 20th to beginning of Dec 21st 00:00 UT, althought the event capture by SDO and SOHO is real. The eruption shown (-Earth) happened on June 7th 2011 at 06:41 UT, magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1226-1227 became unstable and erupted. The resulting blast produced an M2-class solar flare, an S1-class radiation storm.,Much of the plasma thrown up by the blast simply fell back to the sun--indeed, that's what makes the footage so dramatic. In the movies you can see blobs of hot gas as large as Earth making bright splashes where they hit the stellar surface. Some plasma, however, reached escape velocity and left the sun in the form of a coronal mass ejection traveling faster than 1100 km/s. See you on YouTube Dec 22nd 2012.....Stay tuned for updates.....