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    Eagle Snatching Child Video Goes Viral: Is It Real?


    by IBTimes


    A video that went viral since it was posted on YouTube shows a golden eagle flying and then snatching a toddler in Montreal right off the ground.

    With over 18 million hits, the shocking video sparked a debate with video experts weighing in if it was real or a hoax. The consensus: it was fake.

    The video was created by four design students at the Montreal's Centre Nad for an assignment. The project was to create a video with 3-D effects with the hope it would go viral.

    One of the creators, Normand Archanmault said they were shocked by the response.

    "This morning we all woke up and say "no way!" It's like, on the front page of youtube. It's in all the journals, the press. It's kind of a big shock for all of us," Normand Archamnault said.

    The students spent four to five hundred hours putting together the video clip.

    - Reuters