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    Anne-Marie Slaughter & Women at Work: Next Revolution



    Anne-Marie Slaughter & Women at Work: Next Revolution
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    Within days of being published in The Atlantic this summer, Anne-Marie Slaughter’s blockbuster cover story, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” attracted more than one million readers online and reignited a national and international discussion about social policies and cultural attitudes toward the work-life balance. From morning television to the blogosphere to late-night comedians, the article provoked a wide range of reactions. The conversation continues in this panel discussion with Slaughter, who served as the first female director of policy planning at the State Department and is a currently a professor at Princeton University; Hanna Rosin, an Atlantic senior editor and author of The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, based on her July/August 2010 Atlantic cover story; and James Bennet, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic.