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    Macaques at Tughluqabad Fort


    by WildFilmsIndia

    "GHIYATHU O-DIN TUGHLUQ(A.D 1321-25) After ascending the throne of delhi selected this site as his capital for strategic reasons he built during A.D 1321-23 a massive fort around the capital city ,which stands high on scarred outcrop of a rocky hill. The fort is roughly octagonal on plan with a perimeter of 6.5 Km. Its 10 to 15 m. High rubble-built wall are provided with bastions and gates at intervals. The rampart walls are pierced with loop-holes and are crowned with a line of rude battlements of solid stone. Which are also provided with loop-holes, presently the fort has thirteen gates and there are three inner gates to the citadel. The vast size the great strength and the visible solidity of the whole gigantic in proportion and strength -give to this fort an air of stern and massive grandeur.

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