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    Cracking a coconut on the noggin! Tribal dance of the Siddhi tribe in Gujarat


    by WildFilmsIndia

    "The Siddhis of Gujarat in India still live with traditional African customs from their native Sudan, but having been in India for centuries, they have mingled with Gujarati culture as well. A fascinating community, they practice the most amazing song and dance routine, with the lead throwing up a hard coconut in the air and cracking it atop his noggin as it falls through the air!

    This footage is part of the professionally-shot stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and Digital Betacam. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... wfi @ and"