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    Man Wears 70 Pieces of Clothing to Avoid Baggage Fees

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    by Geo Beats

    A man wears 70 articles of clothing to avoid paying baggage fees.

    Let's face it - most of us don't want to check in our bags. It's a hassle and then there is always excessive baggage fees involved.

    Well one man in China came up with a novel approach.

    He reportedly wore roughly 70 articles of clothing to avoid those nasty baggage costs.

    In his creative approach to outwit officials, he put on 9 pairs of jeans and more than 60 shirts . According to reports, when the man walked into the airport, he was said to resemble a ‘sumo wrestler’.

    He also had to undergo a full body search when a metal detector picked up on various items. Airport authorities found batteries and USB drives among other items in the man’s many pockets.

    Other airport locations have had their share of unusual scenarios. Earlier this year, an Egyptian couple attempted to get their baby past airport security by placing him in carry-on luggage.
    This incident happened at the Sharjah airport in UAE.

    According to Gulf News, the baby boy, who was just a year old, had no visa, passport or official documents allowing him to enter the UAE.