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    Woman Constantly Hears Songs Due to Rare Disorder

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    by Geo Beats

    A woman constantly hears songs as part of a rare disorder.

    A grandmother in Liverpool, England suffers from a rare condition known as musical ear syndrome that causes her to have auditory hallucinations of recognizable songs like the Christmas carol Silent Night or the happy birthday song.

    There is no cure for the syndrome, and Doctor Nick Warner, a psychiatrist who has dealt with several cases in elderly patients told the BBC: "When you get a musical hallucination it feels as if it's real, it feels as if there's a record player playing it or the artist is in the room or in the next-door room.”

    Musical ear syndrome can be an annoyance to those who suffer from it as song lyrics or melodies remain stuck in their head unwittingly all the time.

    There may be several triggers that cause tunes or words to get repeated in a person’s involuntary memory.

    Environmental triggers like hearing the song multiple times recently, or even psychological or emotional triggers can cause a song to pop into a person consciousness, and be repeated for a while.

    Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head?