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    Florida Man Bites Wife's Ear During Argument

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    A Florida man bites his wife's ear during an argument.

    Recently, a Florida man allegedly bit his wife’s ear so hard that he nearly severed it.

    The woman, named Nadine Bruce had been celebrating her 29th birthday with her husband, Kevon Stewart. However in the early morning hours, something went wrong as the couple began arguing while in their vehicle which was parked in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino parking garage.

    A security officer soon asked them to leave, but Stewart put Bruce in a headlock and bit her ear. When he let go, her ear was bloody and drooping. Stewart was arrested and charged with domestic battery, while his wife was transported to the hospital.

    Earlier this year, another man, 24-year-old, Joseph Sidney Hall Jr. from Tulsa was arrested for domestic violence, kidnapping, battery and maiming. It all began when the mother of Hall's child contacted police, claiming that she had escaped from an apartment complex.
    She had severe injuries to her face and body, including a collapsed lung and broken ribs. Unbelievably, a part of her ear was also missing. The ear portion was later discovered in Hall's pocket.