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    Tailgate32 EP18: Minnesota

    John Trupiano

    by John Trupiano

    A brutal but stunningly beautiful 2000-mile trek is up next for the boys. Ms. Ed hosts the Tailgate32 team for some Halloween goofiness before Mike and John take to the lots to tailgate in Minnesota. They learn about the outrageous customs of the Viking World Order and meet some of the most intense fans along the way.

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    Produced by Mike and John Trupiano

    Directed and Edited by Aidan Brezonick

    Cinematography by Dustin Supencheck

    Production Manager: Matt Clement

    Motion graphics by Simian Design Group

    Tailgate32 theme: "Faust" by Secret Colours

    Additional music provided by Secret Colours and Future Monarchs

    Special thanks to Football Nation, Big Green Egg, All Poolside, Northern Plains Distributing, Summit Brewing, The Minnesota Vikings, Bryan Harper, Mr. and Ms. Ed, Ellie Hagopian, and Keith Davidson.