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    Cop Slips $100 In Traffic Ticket for Desperate Man

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Cops slips $100 in ticket to help a desperate man.

    One story proves that getting stopped by a cop is not always a bad thing.

    A Texas man, 25-year-old Hayden Carlo was pulled over for having an expired registration sticker. Instead of giving lame excuses to the officer, Carlo simply told him the truth that money was tight and he chose to feed his children over obtaining a new sticker

    The cop did indeed give Carlo a citation, but wrapped inside was a special gift. A $100 bill resided in the ticket. Although the officer wishes to remain anonymous, his co-workers know about the act of kindness and want to honor the kind police officer.

    Carlo used that money to get new stickers for his own vehicle and his wife’s. He speaks kindly of the generous officer stating “He helped me out when I needed it and I appreciate that. I'll never forget that man.”

    Earlier this year, another police officer was credited with a very sweet act. The Norwood cop responded to a theft at an elementary school.

    Apparently field trip money had been stolen. The officer filed a report, but couldn’t stand the disappointment etched on the kids’ faces so he went to the ATM and replaced the field trip money with his own.