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    Fox Gets Stuck in Car Wheel Cavity

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    by Geo Beats

    A fox gets stuck in a car wheel cavity.

    Animals often find themselves in sticky situations. Recently a fox in Grays, United Kingdom required help from firefighters, after it got stuck in a car wheel cavity.

    A Volkswagen had been parked in a driveway, when the animal decided to browse inside the wheel. Fire officials from Orsett along with an officer from the RSPCA arrived on site after they were alerted of the troubling scene.

    Officials lifted the car using a jack, in the meantime, the fox’s head remanded stuck inside of the wheel. It took rescue workers approximately 45 minutes to successfully free the mischievous animal. The fox was taken by the RSPCA.

    Earlier this year, another fox got into a sticky situation. While renovating an office building, construction workers noticed a fox’s head protruding from the floor. Apparently, the animal had been attempting to maneuver through a section of flooring when it got stuck.

    Although the fox was safely removed, an RSPCA official stated “ I think it was his pride that was hurt more than anything as he had been outfoxed by a hole.”