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    Man Shoots at Waiter Over Bad Food

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    by Geo Beats

    A man opens fire in a restaurant over leftover food served.

    If you don't like your food at a restaurant, perhaps you may send it back, not tip much or write an online review.

    One man however, took it to another level in New Delhi, India. He became upset at a restaurant after he was served leftover food by a waiter. Apparently most of the food at the establishment was over. The customer refused to eat the dish and a fight broke out. The patron allegedly pulled out a gun and began firing at the waiter. Luckily the server ran for cover and no one was hurt. The angry customer was soon arrested and the .32 bore pistol was confiscated by officers.

    Earlier this year, another angry dispute stemmed from a food issue. On September 14th, an unidentified woman along with several companions entered a restaurant in Bradenton, Florida.
    The customer reportedly became angry that her potatoes were cold. She was given a coupon for a future visit, however the lady returned three days later and allegedly grabbed the manager by the throat before hurriedly exiting the building.