Hospital Worker Found to Have Worked Only 6 Days in 9 Years

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A hospital worker only worked 6 days out of 9 years.

Do you wish you could take more days off from work?

Well, one woman in Italy allegedly worked only six full days over the course of nine years.

The 45-year-old lady was reportedly employed by a hospital in Bologna. During her career, she had cited various illnesses and taken two maternity leaves, requiring extended period of time off. The only problem is that she was never pregnant or seriously ill.

She was arrested late last year on a charges of ‘aggravated fraud at the expense of public entities’ and was recently sentenced to two years in jail for providing the false information about her medical conditions.

Earlier this year, another public employee was in some hot water. A city worker in Buffalo, 57-year-old, James Bagarozzo reportedly admitted in court to stealing $210,000 in quarters, while working as a parking meter mechanic.

FBI officials scoured his home and found wads of money, $3,000 in quarters and an additional $40,000 tucked away above the bedroom ceiling. From 2003 to 2011, Bagarozzo stole from more than 75 meters that he was supposed to be repairing.