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    Desi Kangaroos TV - New Year Special ! Most Powerful Bollywood Stars at the Australian Box Office 2012 !

    Desi Kangaroos TV

    by Desi Kangaroos TV

    Desi Kangaroos TV is Australia's No.1 Bollywood TV Show ! The show airs weekly on C31 & TVS in Australia and on Diya TV in USA.

    This week our popular anchors Ashwin Ravi & Chandni Rav deliver an Australian Box Office report on the most popular Bollywood stars on 2012 ! Its our way of celebrating New Year 2013 !

    Learn who rocked the Australian box office in 2012- was it Salman Khan, Akhshay Kumar, Sha Rukh Khan or was it Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor ?