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    Dishonored Gameplay / Walkthrough: We Found Campbell's Secret Chamber (Part 14)


    by NGTGames

    Leave a LIKE for this fantastic game with elements from Hitman, Assassin's Creed, and Bioshock!
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    This is a first-time playthrough of Dishonored. I'm not worrying about stealth, just having fun and looking forward to using all the gadgets. Basically, me bumbling through the game, alerting enemies, and going to town. I'm also doing walkthroughs of each mission on Very Hard difficulty, ZERO kills, ZERO alerts, and ONLY using Blink to obtain the Ghost, Shadow, Mostly Flesh and Steel, Specter, Faceless, Manipulator, Surgical, and Clean Hands Achievements. These videos will be posted on our main NextGenTactics channel.

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