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    Essential Elements of Activated Liquid Zeolite (Organic Super Foods)


    by superfoodhealthyliving


    With every passing day, more and more people are becoming aware of the amazing properties of Activated Liquid Zeolite and how it can dramatically improve their health. While there are many 'copycat' brands coming onto the market, it is simple to identify the original and highest quality zeolite, the zeolite that will systematically remove heavy metals and toxins from the body, and in most cases, lead to improved health. To my knowledge, Activated Liquid Zeolite is the only zeolite with published, peer reviewed research to prove that it works.

    Following are 7 Essential Elements you should look for when purchasing Activated Liquid Zeolite
    1. Purity
    When zeolite is mined, by its very nature, it will be laden with heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because of its powerful negatively charged cage, one batch of zeolite when laboratory tested, contained trace elements of particles of diesel from a truck at the minesite. In order for zeolite to be suitable for human consumption, the honeycomb like structure of Activated Liquid Zeolite must be thoroughly cleaned. You can be sure that through the sophisticated cleansing process of Activated Liquid Zeolite, no moulds or bacteria will be present in the cage. A zeolite cage that contains heavy metals, toxins and possibly bacteria when purchased, will not effectively remove heavy metals, toxins and other poisons from the body because the cage is already partially or completely full.

    2. Micronisation
    Micronisation means that Activated Liquid Zeolite is reduced in size so that it can enter the blood stream through the blood vessel walls and complete a systemic clean of heavy metals, toxins, herbicides and pesticides from the body. Activated Liquid Zeolite is generally micronised to less than 0.2. Research has shown that zeolite greater than 0.5 in size may in fact scratch the liver or kidneys.

    3. Additives
    Activated Liquid Zeolite requires no additives. Some zeolites on the market will be 'enhanced' with this or that acid. This is unnecesssary as zeolite stands alone and needs no assistance to capture and eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the body.

    4. Safe Alternative to Chelation Therapy
    Many readers might know through personal experience or research, that conventional chelation therapy takes out essential trace elements as well as toxic matter. A US biochemist, Dr Rik Deitsch says Activated Liquid Zeolite takes only the ""bad stuff"" out. In his book 'Invisible Killers' Rik suggests that a cleaner body is capable of miracles and that in a normal healthy state, it is hard to get cancer.