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    Henry Singh

    by Henry Singh

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    Have a complete knowledge about websites and get the most out of it for your business. A Website should have a defined purpose. Decide what kinda website you want to create or have. Search engine, directories, yellow pages and portals are some of the most popular types of web sites in the world. Some search engine companies, like Google or Gigablast, prefer to keep their homepage simple and stress on only one service, while Yahoo! and MSN have a more ""portal"" like look via which many services are pushed to the surfer like email, news etc.

    Classified directories and yellow pages web sites list businesses (both online and offline) segregated into different categories or geographic locations. Information web sites are the types of web sites are dedicated to the purpose of providing information - whether free or paid. They might be catering to a niche industry or be wider in their scope because of which they can be labelled as ""news portals"". Information web site can also contain updated time tables, TV guides, reference material, sports data (like cricket scores), weather and stock data.

    Personal web sites can contain any kind of information and are usually administered by a single individual who can choose whatever to put online. Anyone can now create a web site using online free hosting accounts that might also offer pre-made templates that are like ready-to-go web sites, or with free and commercial versions of WYSIWYG HTML editors like Frontpage, DreamWeaver etc.

    Blogs are like online diaries (the irony is, though you keep your hardcopy diary under lock-and-key, you want more and more visitors to read the online one). Blogs can be created by anyone using free services like (Google) or Windows Live Spaces (Microsoft). You can also install blog software, like the free WordPress on your pre-existing web site and start putting your thoughts online in a matter of minutes!

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