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The Bengali film Waarish was released on 2004, starring Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Debasree Roy, Churni Ganguly, Aniket & others. The Bengali film is Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, Rockey Mondal scored the music in this movie.

Synopsis :
Subhankar Sen, the teacher of St. Peter's school fell for Medha, but never admitted it before her. Neha loved him but waited for his recognition. But unfortunately that came only after he got married to Priti and decided to transfer to Kolkata. Few months later, Shubhankar came to know that Medha was expecting to have her child and pleaded her to alert it. But she refused to and solemnly declared to bring the child up on her own and never to come to him. Many years later, when Shubhankar is planning to adopt an orphan to console his wife who can never be a mother, he becomes awe struck to see his ex-flame asking him to shelter the boy as she is dying of blood cancer and has nobody to whom she can trust upon the boy's custody. She also requests him to get her child admitted to the well-known missionary school where Shubhankar now teaches. But the boy cannot be admitted without his father's name and the helpless mother reaches Shubhankar's house along with boy, without revealing her true identity. Shubhankar does not take it in good spirit and feel to be the prey at the hands of the destiny. But Priti feels sympathetic for the dying lady and keeps her in their home and nurses her with care. She has also developed a soft corner for the boy. Eventually, from an old group photograph, she comes to know that Priti and Shubhankar were colleagues and confirms from Medha's mouth that the boy is Shubhankar's. The feeling of repentance engulfs Shubhankar and he decides to take the responsibility on his own shoulders. The lady dies before he could confess and redeem his sins.

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