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    Fishermen Prized Catch: a Porsche

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    by Geo Beats

    Chinese fishermen catch a Porsche.

    When you are out at sea, you never know what you'll find. Recently, several Chinese fishermen landed an unexpected catch. They caught a Porsche Cayenne.

    A picture posted online shows men untangling a fishnet from the SUV. The vehicle is seen covered in debris. Officials believe that the Porche had been residing underwater for roughly two years.

    Fisherman sold the once-pricey SUV to a nearby garage for a little under $650. Although it is officially unknown how the vehicle got to its underwater destination, the fishermen found the Porche while fishing in Beihai.

    The area is known to be a smuggling haven for expensive, high end goods. Many cars have been transported in the past, by way of sea and dropped off at the Chinese coast.

    The Porche could have either fallen or gotten dumped by frightened smugglers.

    Earlier this year, two fishermen got quite a shock after reeling in a fish. The two men, from Idaho dissected their trout and discovered a human finger residing in its belly. They handed the fish over to the Sheriff’s Department. Amazingly detectives were able to track down the finger’s owner, who had previously lost it during a horrific wakeboarding accident.