Man Under Scrutiny for Letting Mother Live in Literal Pigsty

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A Chinese man is under scrutiny for letting his elderly mother live in a literal pigsty.

One Chinese man has gotten some severe criticism after a television report claimed that he had kept his 100-year-old mom living in a cramped shack with a 440 pound pig.

Many people have left comments online, lashing out at the man, insinuating that the poor treatment serves as a prime example of China’s negligence towards the elderly. Apparently the man’s mother spent two years living in a literal pigsty. He claims that he had no space for his mother in his 6-room residence.

Another relative of the elderly woman described the shack as ‘smelly’ and full of mosquitoes. However the son defends his actions stating “She wants to stay here because she feels it is convenient”

Last year, a Chinese couple living in Canada was arrested for allegedly keeping a 68-year-old woman in a freezing garage during the winter. The elderly woman had been declared legally incompetent and placed into her son’s care.
Although her son and his wife had two empty bedrooms in their house, the mother stayed in the cold garage with no amenities.